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Custom Clothing Services

Happy customers showcasing their custom patches on their original jackets.

Custom Jackets


Custom Jackets  vary in shape and size. At LA Clothing we build your jacket around your body shape and size. Taking note of every minute detail in order to make a jacket that is suited just for you.  We let you hand-pick every detail of your jacket, from color combinations to style and fit. Our jackets are hand crafted one at a time in-house by our talented staff. Our jackets come in two popular styles: Letterman Jacket or the Clicker (Finger Tip) Jacket. However, our experienced staff is capable of creating different styles. Custom jackets are ideal for your School, Business, Car Club, MC Club, Social Clubs or for personal use!

Letterman Jackets are made out of wool body with leather sleeves.

Clicker or Finger Tip Jackets are made out of a wool body as well as wool sleeves.

Don't forget to add your own personal style! We provide embroidery, chenille stitching and chain stitching services. Visit LA Clothing today for all your custom clothing needs.

Custom embroidery job for the Citizen of the Year at the Elks Club.

Embroidery, Chenille, Chainstitch


Embroidery is the process of stitching a logo or design into a garment with thread. We can take a simple or elaborate design and embroider it onto the garment or item. Embroidery is the most universal way to decorate items. Whether it be sports bags, jackets, polos, or hats. Embroidery is a great way to decorate garments for your School, Business, Family Reunion, Car Club, MC Club or any Clubs and organizations.

We at LA Clothing Company are one of the only few companies left that can provide old school and retro embroidery such as chenille and chainstitch. Unlike other companies our old school stitching is done by an old sewing machine that is hand operated not computer guided. This old school form of stitching has it's own characteristics and no two patch is exactly the same. Making each patch created one of a kind.

Screen printing job on a crop top hoodie for women.

Screen Printing


Screen Printing is the process of decorating the garment with ink. It is a permanent process that leaves you with a durable and professional looking finished product. We can take a rough idea, sketch, or existing logo and turn it into a design. We are capable of screen printing from one color  up to six max. From team

t-shirts to company work wear, screen printing is an inexpensive way to represent your School, Business, Family Reunion, Car Club, MC Club or any Clubs and Organization.

Don't want to order 100 pieces? We at LA Clothing Company have a minimum of 12 T-Shirts per order. Worry no more on large order lock downs and expensive set up fees.

Don't need 12? We at LA Clothing Company are capable of heat pressing graphics too. Stop by LA Clothing Company today for all of your custom clothing needs